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26 - Oct - 2009

We operate throughout Cheshire, offering all commercial clients help with networks and more...


IT Support and Maintenance

Support and Maintenance

MON Consulting offer a number of different Support and Maintenance functions :-

1. Full Support - We can either provide all your IT support and maintenance

2. Partial Supportop Installations - Supplement your existing cover be it "in-house" or external.

3. Sickness/Holiday/etc Cover - Provide short term cover during periods of staff sickness, holiday or maternity/paternity leave.

Cover can either be under a maintenance contract, a "pay as you go" format or "Banked Hours" - the choice is yours, although a contract will provide priority response and longer support hours - 8am-6pm (Standard Hours 9am - 5pm).

Additional benefits for contract customers include monitoring of backup systems, anti-virus and server health checks.